Investors Paidout


General Questions
  • What is the business of the CON TECHNOLOGY LTD, and does it have official registration?

    CON TECHNOLOGY LTD is a UK investment company #17564738 that has an office in London. We conduct fully legal activities and are engaged in investments in information technology and startups.

  • What are the advantages of working with the CON TECHNOLOGY LTD company?

    The main advantages of the CON TECHNOLOGY LTD project are its profitability, reliability and convenience for clients. Due to the experience of our team and the developed investment strategies, we can guarantee significant increase in your capital within a short time frame.

  • Do I need to visit the company's office in order to become an investor?

    There is no need to visit our office, because cooperation with investors is carried out through a modern investment resource. You just need to register on our site, and after this you will be able to perform investment actions through your personal account.

  • How may I earn on the CON TECHNOLOGY LTD platform?

    You are entitled either to invest and get a regular income from your assets or become partner of the company and earn by involving new investors. Be sure to combine investment with friends in order to get the largest profit while cooperating with the CON TECHNOLOGY LTD company.

  • What information should I provide to create an account?

    We require our clients to specify the minimum amount of information. We understand the desire of investors to preserve the personal anonymity and confidentiality of their data, so when registering you will need to specify only the information that is necessary to identify you in the system.

  • How many accounts in the project can I create?

    Using multiple accounts is prohibited by the company, each participant can create only one account in the project. If we find out you have multiple accounts, all your accounts will be blocked, and the funds in these accounts will be frozen.

  • Why is it profitable to cooperate with your company?

    Our investment offers are distinguished by the stability and balance as well as high yield. To become familiar with our investment offers and clarify the yield on each investment offer, please visit the 'Investment Plans' section of our website.

Investment Questions
  • What are the risks for CON TECHNOLOGY LTD company's investors?

    The risks for our investors are minimized due to the professional team and our experience. Each investor will receive a profit according to the terms of the investment plan that was chosen.

  • How to open a deposit in CON TECHNOLOGY LTD?

    You can open a deposit in the corresponding menu in your personal account. Please note, we have the right to reverse back any deposit you just created to your account balance without explaining the reasons. In this case, you need to withdraw your funds from the account balance to your wallet.

  • Which payment methods do you accept?

    We accept a majority of payment methods including ePayCore, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoincash, Tron, BNB, Dash, Tether TRC20, Tether BEP20, Dogecoin.

  • My deposit was not added instantly, what's wrong?

    The reason for this can be that you deposited via Cryptocurrency which require confirmations before getting added.

  • How many confirmations required for deposit via cryptocurrency before deposit gets added?

    Three confirmations are required for cryptocurrency deposits.

  • Am I able to create several deposits at a time and make profit from them simultaneously?

    Yes, you can place money on any number of deposits from a single account and make profit from multiple investment plans.

  • Can I add extra deposit to the current deposit?

    No, you cannot do this. You can make another deposit.

  • Is there any charge for a deposit transaction?

    We do not charge for making deposits or withdrawals. Please, consider a charge from payment systems.

Payouts Questions
  • How often can I request a withdrawal?

    You have no limits. You can withdraw when you have no zero-balance.

  • What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

    Minimum withdrawal is 0.1 USD for ePayCore and 50 USD for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 10 USD for Litecoin, Bitcoincash, Tron, BNB, Dash, Tether TRC20, Tether BEP20, Dogecoin.

  • Is there a fee for withdrawals?

    Yes. Some currencies have a withdrawal fee. Withdrawal fee for ePayCore 1% - DOGE 3% - Tron 3% - BTC 5% - ETH 5% - LTC 3% - TRC20 3% - BEP20 3% - BNB 3% - Dash 3% - BCH 3%.

  • I made two deposits, using two different electronic payment systems. Can I combine the profits from the two deposits into a single withdrawal request?

    Regulation of payments does not permit to withdraw funds to electronic payment system, different than the one, deposit was made from. Thus, you cannot combine the profits accrued on your account balance from the two deposits into a single withdrawal request.

  • How can I reinvest my profits?

    You may reinvest your profits in order to earn more instead withdrawing funds. Just specify, that you are going to make a payment from the balance by clicking on the 'Balance' button before choosing a payment system while investing.

  • I did not receive the funds to my wallet, although the withdrawal request has been made more than 2 days ago (48 hours). What should I do?

    Please check carefully the details on your account, most likely, the reason for the delay was that at registration you provided the incorrect wallet number of the electronic payment system to which you have created a request a payment of funds. It is also possible that you have created multiple accounts in our system.

  • Am I able to request the deposit withdrawal before the end of investment period?

    No. The deposit will be included in the total return.

  • How long does it take for the withdrawals to complete?

    Withdrawals are processed instantly. To ensure that your account and funds are as secure as possible, we thoroughly review all withdrawal requests and may process some manually. This process may take up to 48 hours.

Affiliate Program Questions
  • How does the Affiliate program work?

    It works on a very simple principle. You provide a referral link to potential clients, and they use it to enter the site. If they register and make a deposit, you receive upto 5% from the amount of their deposit.

  • How many referral links can I have?

    Each user only gets one referral link.

  • Where can I get my referral link and banners?

    You can find a referral link and banners in your account area. Your referral link is created automatically when you open an account with us.

  • What are the advantages of the Affiliate program?

    The Affiliate program is your opportunity to get passive income on the platform without investing any personal funds.

  • Can I withdraw my income that I got from taking part in the Affiliate program?

    Yes, you can regularly withdraw your referral income or you can form investments using it.

  • How will I get my referral commission?

    The commission will be credited to your account automatically, immediately after the deposit has been created by your referral.

  • Will I get my referral bonus for every additional deposit my referrals make?

    Yes, you will get referral bonus on every deposit your referrals make.

  • Will I get a referral fee for the deposit made by my referral from his/ her account balance?

    Yes. Referral commissions are charged from the deposit made from the balance.

  • What are the ways of referrals attracting?

    We do not restrict you in the ways of referrals attracting. You can use social media, forums, your website, blog and offline promotion. At the same time, we are against spam and strongly recommend you to avoid this way to promote an information about the company.

  • How can I view the total number of referrals I have?

    You need to log into your account and press 'Referrals'. You will then see the whole list.